Balint Varga

Crime Novelist
Music, books, jams and marmalades
Wie ich zum Langstreckenschwimmen gekommen bin:

I got slowly but steadily fed up with the pool and discovered how much I enjoy open water swimming, plus we have a house close to a wonderful lake and all this pretty much led me to Waterbecks.

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Meine Erfolge

  • Vienna Open Water 2015 – 1km 7th AKII
  • Swimaniak 2015 – 3km 9th AKII
  • AK Sonnwend TRI-Challenge 2015 – 1.9km - 5th AKII
  • Balaton 2x 2015 – 4.5km 12th AK 45-49
  • Velencei Tóúszás 2015 – 3km 4th AK 45-49

Meine Ziele

  • My long term goal: I want to enter a 10k race and finish under 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • My short term goal: just keep swimming better and faster.
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